Another note app? Really?

Hey - no one said this is the new Notion. We created it because we were frustrated we couldn't find something lightweight and nice looking to type notes into.

How do you store the data?

The data is stored in your browser's local storage. You can see it if you open Developer Tools and go to the Applications tab.
Under LocalStorage, you will see neumTheme (that controls the current theme style you have selected) and neumNotesData (your notes data).

What's the point of this weird Neumorphic design?

No point. Just experimenting.

What does the clipboard button do?

It copies the note to your clipbard.

Hmm - I don't see the note I typed on my computer on my phone.

Yeah the data is stored on your browser. Try the big (note) guys for those fancy features.

Are you tracking me?

Have no interest in reading your diary. There is no tracking or Google Analytics on the site. Keeping it clean and simple.